Open Educational Resource Article

I found this article by Tony Bates to be quite interesting regarding Open Educational Resources…take a look:


4 thoughts on “Open Educational Resource Article

  1. What do you find particularly appealing in Tony’s arguments?
    I have just hosted Prof. Rory Greal so in a way I am caught up in the middle of these Great Giants!

  2. You will have to send me the link for Professor Greal so I can compare!

    I like Tony’s argument because it’s pretty cut and dry. Now his interpretation of how society is view OER may be skewed, but if that view is correct, then I agree with his argument. OER is great, and I think the digital age allows us to share knowledge that much easier. It is certainly our responsibility as educators or leaders to share knowledge with each other. However, the educational community should be careful to maintain the integrity of information and data shared, and make sure it is well organized so that students and other academia can best utilize it. Students must also remember that just having access to the resources does not make them scholars, like Tony says.

    Look forward to reading Professor Greal’s post!

  3. Hi Peter,
    This is Prof. McGreal’s Paper on elearning as well as Terry Anderson’s work. Visit some of his reports on:
    McGreal R. & Elliott, M. (2008). Technologies of Online Learning (E-learning). In T. Anderson. T. (Ed.), Theory and practice of online learning (Second Edition). (pp. 143-165). Retrieved January 24, 2010 from

    God bless you,

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